Solar Panel Government Grants

The Government has set targets to reduce the UK's household CO2 emissions by 34% of the 1990 levels in time for 2020*. The Low Carbon Building Programme was the main source of Government grants up until April 2010, but this is now closed to all new applicants. The good news is that there are currently two Government-backed grant schemes which reward renewable solar energy production:

FITs - Feed In Tariffs
RHI - Renewable Heat Incentive

Both of these schemes need to be installed by a MCS accredited installer such as Solarflair Ltd to qualify for the financial returns.

Feed In Tariffs & Solar PV Panels Grants
The Feed In Tariff scheme pays money for every Kwh that is produced and also allows you to earn money by selling any surplus electricity back to the national grid, whilst at the same time you will also be paid for the power that you actually use for your home. The FIT scheme uses Photovoltaic Solar Panels (Solar PV) to generate electricity, and a full explanation of how the scheme works can explained during a meeting as the Government are changing it every few months:

Renewable Heat Incentive & Solar Thermal Grants
The RHI scheme refers to heat rather than electricity so is applicable to Solar Hot Water Systems. It is similar to the FIT scheme, with rewards for every KW/h of heat you produce offering a very generous rate of 19.2p for every KWh that the system is deemed to generate.

Act Now
Now is the time to act if you want to reap the maximum benefits from the Government Grants. The FIT scheme is Tax-free and inflation proof, but the Government are planning to reduce the Feed In Tariff every few months for new installations. So act now!

If you act now, your Feed In Tariff will be locked in at the higher rate for the entire 20 year payment period - a significantly higher return of investment.

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