Why Solar Energy?

Why Solar Energy?

The need for energy is increasing both in this country and all over the world in line with increases in the standard of living. This is putting more and more strain on our limited fuel resources and having an adverse affect on the environment. To survive into the future with ongoing supplies of energy will mean a mix between the traditional fossil fuels, new types of energy technology and clean renewable energy. The sun is a sustainable source of energy for today and future generations, and you can harness this massive energy source to heat water and generate electricity.

Solar Thermal Hot Water Heating

A Solar Thermal Hot Water Heating System installed by Solarflair can generate up to 70% of a households domestic hot water requirements. These type of Solar Panels work throughout the year, even in diffused sunlight on cloudy days which means that your hot water cylinder will get some pre heat even in the depths of winter and you should generate virtually all of your hot water requirements throughout the summer months.

You will also qualify for the Government Grant Scheme, The Renewable Heat Incentive.

Solar Photo-voltaic

A Solar PV System installed by Solarflair Ltd will generate free electricity which can provide a large percentage of your electricity requirements on sunny days and even feed any extra generated back to the grid so saving even more energy. Every KWh of electricity generated will earn cash under the Governments Feed in Tariff Grant Scheme, which will also pay extra for energy fed back to the grid.

Both types of system will mean the following:-

Free energy to save money for the household
Free energy to help preserve the earth's natural resources.
A degree of energy self sufficiency.
Less reliability on the utility companies
More self sufficiency in the uncertain world of imported energy supply.